Two activists for the Tory party in the 2021 Southport local elections have been suspended pending an investigation into alleged controversial social media posts

Two party activists in Southport have been suspended ‘pending an investigation’ following posts they made on social media.

Comments attributed to the pair on Facebook were described by the town’s Conservative MP, Damien Moore, as ‘completely unacceptable’ according to local media reports.

Mr Moore’s intervention when he called on Tory collleagues to ‘immediately investigate’ the actions of prospective Southport Conservative Councillor Desmond ‘Desi’ Ward and key activist William Howard.

Among the posts was one by Mr Howard referring to London Mayor Sadiq Khan after the Labour mayor had stated the ‘extreme far right want to hijack Black Lives Matters protests’ and ‘distract from the cause’, to which Mr Howard responded about Mr Khan: ‘Hang this c*** Royally.’

Other online comments posted by Mr Williams included: “Can we have Gone with the Wind back now please? In fact, why should I say please? I want Gone with the Wind back and the terrorists brought to justice!”



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