BBC Pontins documentary shows safety issues at Ainsdale site before closure

20th March 2024

The BBC has launched a scathing mini-documentary into the ‘disrepair’ of Southport Pontins.

The 20-minute documentary, filmed over the last six months, aired today on the BBC. It is entitled ‘Pontins: Ruined and Rundown?’ and examines the recent closure of the Southport holiday camp and two others.

Photos of the Southport site within 12 months of closure show ‘extensive mould’ in chalets, broken doors, damaged window frames and balconies with rusted or missing fittings.

Staff from Southport interviewed by the BBC allege numerous failings within the mini-documentary including a swimming pool that leaked into a restaurant underneath, crumbling walls and balconies and fleas – with another suggesting the “bare minimum” was done at the site.

Part of the documentary focussed on the tragic death of a woman who died at Brean Sands Pontins when she was struck by a falling air conditioning unit.

The documentary also explores the sudden closure of the Ainsdale Pontins and speaks to staff who were informed they were out of a job by a curt text message.

Businesses that relied on Southport Pontins to hold their events were also left in disarray and confusion after finding out their bookings were cancelled at the last minute.

The documentary is available to watch now at

A spokesperson for Sefton Council said: “We are continuing to seek assurances from Britannia and Pontins regarding its future intentions for the site.

“We have recently undertaken an extensive survey of the Ainsdale site to establish its present condition and we are now considering those findings.

“The continued vacancy and associated management and security of the site in the short term is a concern and we remain in ongoing dialogue with both Pontins and Merseyside Police regarding this.”