A thousand nurseries close as Tory ‘free’ childcare scheme fails

19th November 2017

As Southport’s MP, Damien Moore, continues to ‘spin the government spin’  the true extent of destructive Tory childcare annihilation is finally coming to light.

So, looking past the Conservative propaganda what exactly is happening with the ill-considered, bumbling, Tory FREE (as if) childcare agenda?

Government’s so-called FREE childcare scheme not economically viable and resulting in massive facility closures…

The Guardian reported the harsh truth of ongoing Conservative failure towards the nation’s hard-pressed childcare providers:

More than 1,000 nurseries and childminders have gone out of business since the Conservative government was elected in 2015 with a promise of 30 hours of free childcare for working parents.

Official Ofsted figures, obtained by Tracy Brabin, the shadow minister for early years, show there has been a net loss of 1,146 nurseries and childminders from the Early Years Register since 2015. In total, 15,288 childcare providers have left the register, while only 14,142 have joined. Four-fifths (81%) of those who left the register had been rated either good or outstanding by Ofsted.

“The Tories promised to be the most family-friendly government ever, but time and again they are failing working families,” said Brabin. “Ministers ask early-years providers to do more and more but refuse to give them the necessary funding. If they were serious about giving every child the best start in life, they would give providers the resources they need, instead of managing the decline of the sector, content to see thousands of providers lost year after year.”


So Damien: rather than just promote more Tory failures against the childcare sector do please tell us what YOU are going to do to with your colleagues to address this appalling shortfall. Well?

You claim to “support” small businesses, yet you are failing 100% in this instance!

Conservatives wrecking UK childcare

Do the UK’s childcare providers ever get real action or just more hollow promises, cheesy grins and the usual political spin?

NB. If and when another party get into power can we expect a more responsible attitude towards the over-burdened yet vital childcare sector, or will they be just as hopeless as this appallingly apathetic Tory government?

Latest elsewhere….

Leaked plans have revealed that Birmingham City Council is considering closing ALL of its nurseries to save money. There are just 14 council-run nurseries left in Birmingham and they tend to be used by low income families who have no alternative but to use the free subsidised provision.


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