Caption: Southport pier is one of the longest and oldest of its kind in the country.

Southport Pier is currently closed from the seafront gates, after a lorry driver misjudged the height of his vehicle, crashing into the structure.

The pier remains open before the seafront gates. The seafront section of the pier can not reopen until the damage is reviewed by engineers.

A statement from Southport Pier Pavilion said: “The pier is currently closed from the gates onward as Thursday morning a lorry driver “drove into” the pier off of marine drive.

“The driver, caught on cctv, purposely slowed down and clearly knew that his vehicle was too high, yet still proceeded to force his way under the pier and then drive off. Not caring to stop and assess the damage or report what had happened. Not realising the loss he has caused to us as a business and our poor staff who are just getting back to normality after covid. Not to mention to you, the public, who’s enjoyment of the pier has now been halted yet again.

“On visual inspection, the pier is fine. The lorry merely scraped off some paint.

“However, Sefton Council will not let us re open until THEIR engineer says so. However, the engineers are few and far between due to covid.

“This is an awful predicament we are in yet again. Right at the start of the summer holidays …. this is devastating for us.

“Our other units on the first half of the pier remain open as usual today and we hope that you’ll pay us a visit and show some support.

“Thanks and see you soon!”