Cath said…

“Since selling Pine Pixies Pre-School in November of 2018, I have closely followed the problems facing childcare settings especially since the lockdown. Hundreds of childcare settings/childcarers had already closed since the introduction of 30 hours, due to lack of government funding. I find it absolutely shocking to see Boris Johnson stuttering to try to answer the questions in this interview. He does not have a bloody single clue when it comes to childcare (I apologise for swearing but it makes me ‘very angry’). I applaud what he has done to aid the NHS, but he should be giving the same consideration to childcare. They too have been on the front-line throughout this. When all the nurseries, childcarers, schools, colleges eventually go back, it will be a very long time before all will return to how it once was, if ever. The government should be aiding the Early Years businesses to keep them sustainable for the future. The more parents can push this to ‘every’ politician in their town, the better. Childcare MUST be saved for the future and given the recognition it deserves.”

Tory government cuts have already doomed the Childcare section in the UK

Many UK childcare providers have been forced into bankruptcy thanks the Tory actions

A Facebook page called “Champagne Nurseries on Lemonade Funding” has been created, which tells the stories of many providers’ problems and keeps up to date on current issues. The admins of this page are working very hard behind the scenes to try to fix this Government made problem. What they have achieved and all the backing they now have from the childcare sector is amazing All providers owe the admins a great debt of gratitude and need to stay strong behind them.