Are you an animal lover, or do you know someone who is, but for any number of reasons you can’t have your own pet, or maybe live somewhere you don’t really get the chance to see much wildlife?  Woodlands Animal Sanctuary would like to offer you a solution!

Sponsoring one of their animals either for yourself or as a gift, gives you an insight into the life of that animal.  From how they spend their days, to how the charity meets and exceeds their needs.  You will be able to learn more about your animal and also be satisfied that the money you send for them goes straight into providing those needs that you have been hearing about.

Including photos and regular updates, sponsoring an animal is a super way of supporting that animal as well as Woodlands, who are an independent, registered and regulated charity, whose running costs are above £3000.00 per week!

You can sign up via their website:  or by filling in a sponsorship form.  Equally, if you love animals and want to support them, but don’t want to feel obliged to read regular updates, you can also simply set up a standing order, of an amount you are happy with, to donate to help contribute to the rescue, rehabilitation and care of the animals finding their sanctuary at Woodlands.

Woodlands Animal Sanctuary are most well known for their work with cats and hedgehogs and you can sponsor both their hedgehog and feline family, so as to help them continue their life saving work with these animals.  Or, if their mother and daughter duo of Beanie and Dolly the donkeys are more your thing you can also support them & will hear about all of their adventures in your updates.  However, if none of these really tickle your fancy you could also choose to sponsor the dynamic duo of Bert and Ernie, the friendly & cheeky pigmy goat pair.  Climbing gurus & eating fiends they still love a good scratch behind the ole horns just like your dog does behind his ears – also whilst wagging their tails!

Sponsorship packages start from as little as £3 per month and you can choose to pay monthly, or do a one off annual payment.  Why not bring a part of the Woodlands family to your family or friends, whilst helping to make the world of difference to your animal?