UPDATED: Pontins in Ainsdale will house 500 Syrian refugees

Photo: Pontins, Southport

A source close to OTS news has revealed that Pontins in Ainsdale will now be taking 500 Syrian asylum seekers in December.

A Pontins again declined to comment and have yet failed to release a statement.

A Merseyside MP says it is “time to step up” and take action as he supports the creation of a national homes register of people willing to help people fleeing atrocities.

Sefton Labour MP Bill Esterson has vowed to open up his own home to take in a family fleeing the war zone in Syria.

The MP told the echo it was “time to step up” and take action to help alleviate the growing refugee crisis which is seeing hundreds of thousands of men, women and children fleeing their homes in fear of their lives.

In recent weeks the crisis has grown culminating in innocent people losing their lives in a desperate bid to reach safety.

Bill said his own family is willing to open their doors and is supporting the creation of a voluntary national homes register of people willing to do the same.

Bill said: “The humanitarian crisis we are seeing as a result of these tens of thousands of refugees fleeing their homes in search of safety is heartbreaking. The stories we have heard of people dying crammed in the back of lorries … children’s bodies being washed up on tourist beaches … is beyond tragic. My family and I have been moved to take action and I know that lots of other people feel the same.

“My wife, my children and I all want to do something to alleviate the plight that these terrified people are going through. We want to play our part helping people who are in the greatest need of help. So we have decided to step up and open our home to a refugee family. It’s a decision we took as a family and one which we have all supported.

“I support the creation of a national homes register for people in this country to sign up to offer refugees somewhere to live. From some of the correspondence I have already received from my constituents, I know there are many people who would do so.



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