WACA’s grimy colours starting to show through in their offensive attitude to loyal volunteer team they later went on to ban, with the help of Sefton Council

During an interesting debate on OTS News an excessively vocal WACA – supporter decided to display the ‘real’ bitterness behind this controversial charity’s up-front ‘amicable’ spin ….


garyScreen Shot 2015-09-27 at 7.52.08 PM



Interestingly, WACA allegedly valued its volunteers ‘until’ searching questioned about their accounts and insurance etc were highlighted.  Months of hard voluntary work for the community and wildlife that was undertaken at the specific ‘request’ of WACA apparently now counts for nothing. Nevertheless, Ms Poole’s highly revealing outburst does at least show the Southport community how easily ‘some’ people swallow ambiguous propaganda, rather than the ‘facts’ behind such a fiasco.


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Cllr Ted Hartill, the Tory politician who blatantly used the Woodvale Woodland Project as a self- promoting political publicity vehicle, had previously admitted that the WWP would never have got off the ground without the help of leading volunteers that he later helped to ban.

We quote:

 “I am aware that your family have been in this from the beginning. In fact it would not have got off the ground without you.”

Cllr Ted Hartill, email to WWP volunteer /whistle-blower, Cath Regan 14/10/2013



So how ‘wrong’ could Ms Poole actually be?

NB. Cllr Hartill was apparently ‘replaced’ as WACA chair following a great deal of controversy over the banned WWP whistle blowers.  The latest chair, one Alison Marshall, has also been highlighted on OTS News on several occasions drawing shouts of abusive contempt from her small band of vocal  WACA-supportive admirers.


Consequently the question remains, does this ill-informed WACA representative, Ms Amanda Gray Poole, speak for the entire WACA committee and staff or was she just seeking her ‘15 minutes of fame’ at the supposed expense of hard working volunteers?

WACA and their Ainsdale Tory overseers may think they can rely on abusive online supporters to stifle dissent towards their Woodvale monopoly, yet they are wrong!



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