OTS News recently (and fairly) highlighted the Woodvale Charity and a controversial post on Facebook by the new Chair, Alison Marshall


Naturally, as a representative of a community charity that receives funding for activities (many including families and young children) a charity chairperson does have a definite obligation to act with a degree of professionalism and care; not only to the community but also to trusting colleagues and partners. Ms Marshall appears to remain wholly unaware of this fact, as no apology has been forthcoming.  In contrast, alleged friends of these women on Facebook (which is publicly available) have thoughtlessly encouraged her to ‘ignore’ the problem and she has apparently listened to such stupid advice.  This has resulted in zero repentance.

More seriously, Cllr terry Jones the local Ainsdale Tory leader has bizarrely written in her support, which is simply heightening the situation rather than helping to solve it. Such irresponsibility for a leading politician is hard to comprehend. Yet Jones is known in Ainsdale for his odd conduct including childish threats at times. So can we deduce that Cllr Jones finds dirty posts quite acceptable? Numerous loyal Southport Conservative voters naturally disagree with him on this matter! 

Ms Marshall appears to be playing the innocent ‘victim’, rather than professionally addressing what was essentially an avoidable problem of her ‘own’ making. On the 13 September the WACA chair stated

“Witch hunt” would then equate with OTS News alerting Southport residents to the questionable goings on behind a local charity we presume? 

Moreover, Cllr Jones always happy to fuel the flames of unprofessionalism in order to cultivate a few cheap votes for the next election, added

Terry Jones is of course speaking typical Terry Jones nonsense, as OTS has done nothing more than accentuate a serious issue that is totally insupportable for a trusted person in an important and privileged charity position. What “pulls Woodvale down” is controversial filth, which Jones happily supports in this instance on Facebook. Is that too challenging for this offbeat politician to actually understand here?

Southport residents have ‘every’ right to see how community representatives are acting. WACA are constantly seeking to promote their latest courses for local children; therefore we do have a duty to monitor the conduct of such charities and those persons who represent them. We owe ‘that’ much to our children!

WACA has valuable funders and partners to think about, so are we being led to believe that they all support such conduct?


So, can Southport residents expect to see more filthy posts from this troubled charity or will they finally do the appropriate thing and apologise, like real adult professionals should, for their improper conduct? If NOT then perhaps the regulating Charity Commission can be persuaded to give an opinion over this outrageous situation?

Due to their foolishness, WACA continue to remain in an untenable position, regardless of all typical hot air coming from that quarter!

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