OTS News boldly highlighted the basic ineptitude of a so-called gardening project that was organised on Sandbrook Way (as a publicity stunt) by  Ainsdale’s, Tory-orientated Woodvale WACA charity.


WACA responsible for plant and shrub deaths, ‘not’ local youngsters! 

It’s so easy to blame others for stupid mistakes, but the truth is frequently something different altogether.

Plants were idiotically planted in toxic woodchip by misled WACA volunteers, which naturally ensured that they died shortly after this embarrassing farce. Moreover, attempts to gain additional news coverage, via unfairly blaming local young people (without any proof) for pulling up shrubs which WACA had planted in the toxic woodchip, have been found to smack of amazing double standards.

A large shrub that WACA in effect sentenced to an untimely demise has recently been trimmed back and now removed apparently by the council, during a regular clean up exercise after turning black and dying.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 4.30.12 PM

Therefore, is this group not only misleading more trusting volunteers with such wacky projects but also costing the Southport taxpayer via additional council efforts to clean up after its proven failures? WACA failed in this event as they have done so ‘before’ with previous volunteers.


The previous WACA Chairman, Cllr Ted Hartill, was also highlighted numerous times for outrageously misusing the WWP community project for selfish ‘political purposes.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 4.30.30 PM

Cllr Hartill of WACA has also blamed young people BEFORE for local problems apparently without any proof…


Directly or indeed indirectly, once a community charity’s questionable conduct starts to unduly affect others it means we should all watch the situation closely. If we don’t then we are all asking for trouble.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 4.31.22 PM

WACA’s woeful level of professionalism has also been seriously questioned as ‘improper’, following offensive posts on Facebook by its new Chair, Alison Marshall. 


Ms Marshall’s ‘official’ response seems to be to post ‘more’ unprofessional gibberish on her Facebook page, which was amazingly supported again with a trite comment by Tory leader, Cllr Terry Jones.

Playing the poor little victim, when reasonable questions have been fairly presented about unprofessional conduct on a site that is widely available is both childish and unprofessional in the extreme. It brings the entire charity into disrepute. Persons running funded charities DO have certain responsibilities to uphold in the community, yet Mr Marshal and her supportive colleagues appear to be completely unaware of all this. Why?

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 4.31.09 PM

One would think that Cllr Jones would also understand the gravity of this matter, rather than seeking to propagate such conduct. Jones is well known in the Woodvale area for making senseless and rather unwise threats against Ainsdale residents.  http://www.otsnews.co.uk/ainsdales-tory-shame-2014/

Jones is also known for his ability to speedily remove items off the internet when they become a little hot to handle.  Is WACA now a law unto itself, along the unidentified Facebook trolls and the amazingly ill-informed Tory ‘in-crowd’ who frequently rush in to support its reckless actions?

Are WACA’s generous funders happy with such irresponsible conduct from their beneficiary?

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