Rough justice

By: Tom Duffy

Local youth; guilty ‘WITHOUT’ evidence or trail

It seems that the Woodvale WACA charity has already decided that ‘young’ people are responsible for damage to local signage, even though the culprit or culprits have so far not been identified.

Tory Cllr, Ted Hartill (ex-WACA chair), quoted an old Kenny Everett slogan and recklessly called for the “stupid little gits” to be “bombed” on a friend’s Facebook page.

commentsCllr Hartill had been chatting about damage done to signage and also about plants pulled up on Sandbrook Way that WACA had planted.


The Ainsdale Tories, Terry Jones and Hartill, had previously blocked all Libdem calls to improve the area for locals. Following this indignation the Tories had even delivered political leaflets to the area making lame excuses for their obstructive blocks; via saying it was a waste of funding. Recently however Tory-orientated WACA have been planting pansies, small shrubs, etc on the very same area were they had previously blocked (apparently mainly because it was NOT their idea) residential and Libdem proposals.

Did the Conservatives utilise WACA staff to, once again, ‘promote’ themselves above others in the area? Nevertheless, local residents are under no illusions regarding this latest Tory ruse to gain accolades!

Ex-policemen Cllr Ted Hartill may find that a significant number of local Ainsdale parents strongly resent such a stupid recommendation to “bomb” their children (“little gits”, as he calls them).

Is this not ageism of the highest order? Was the councillor merely joking? If so it was not funny and most certainly not in keeping with someone serving in his responsible, elected role!

WACA has been used as a ‘political football’ by the Ainsdale Tories for some time.


OTS News has reported the facts before. Ainsdale Tories have comically blamed other politicians for doing something that they have become highly proficient at; political engineering!



WACA should understand that Woodvale has many first-rate young people who only wish to be left in peace so why tarnish them all with such unhelpful bias?

The troubled Tory-led charity actually seems to be quite happy to receive significant funding for young people, off Sefton Council etc; so one would expect a little more decorum and commonsense here. Woodvale youth should not be targeted by politicians and charities just to gain unwarranted accolades in the public eye.

Tory/WACA calls for unlawful vigilante tactics against young folk are immature and help no one in the community. Blame and counter blame in ‘any’ community only lights the fires of social unrest. Cllr Hartill and WACA (as a community charity) must grow up and realise this fact.

They do have responsibilities!

Cllr Terry Jones and Ted Hartill continue to deliver material that is easily discredited, old-hat and highly erroneous through our letter boxes.

Moreover they could not even be bothered to support the fight to save the vital dementia-specialising. Brookdale Centre.

dimIt’s their ward but they left the fight to others. How inexcusable is that?



What more can we learn about Cllr Jones and his activity?

In May 2014, Cllr Jones presided over the most dreadful performance by Southport Conservatives in any election local or national in history as well as the worst performance ever by Sefton Conservatives. 2014 marked the only year ever that the Conservatives have come third in Southport. All this is of no surprise when we examine their recent record on none achievements, bizarre conduct and appalling spin.

tezWill Terry Jones and his ineffective, ragtag band of Southport Tories now be saved by their new Parliamentary Candidate, the Preston councillor, Damien Moore?

In May, residents will be able to decide if they want ‘more’ of the same?


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