Ainsdale’s blundering ‘Political Footballers’ – seeking to ‘limit damage’ with habitual Tory spin this week in Woodvale

Ainsdale Tory dribblers and their double standards reach new heights of absurdity this March! 

One ‘defensively – written’ entry from the latest (March 2015) Conservative,  ‘In Touch’,  literature that is currently being shoved through doors by Ainsdale Conservatives, Cllrs Terry Jones and Ted Hartill seems to be an exceptionally bizarre attempt to limit damage over the woodland fallout.


Their claims that others are using Woodvale’s community centre as a “political football” are clearly phony and mark the height of hypocrisy.


Cllr Ted Hartill’s previously ‘self-admitted’ exploitation of the Woodvale & Ainsdale Community Centre (WACA) based, Woodvale Woodland Project (WWP) to blatantly promote his own political agenda was widely highlighted on the internet at various sites. Ted Hartill proudly declared to WWP volunteers, who he was directing…


“I need to promote this as a good councillor Ted job. The other conservatives either don’t do anything or don’t tell anyone. As you know the lib dems tell everyone everything. Its why they are so popular in Southport.”


Apparently Cllr Terry Jones, Hartill’s political chief, had ‘no’ objections to this unacceptable misuse of power by his political partner. Terry Jones was reasonably asked to challenge Hartill when the woodland fallout occurred, yet he chose to ignore all evidence and back his political colleague instead of the community volunteers. Cllr Jones was so defensive about this situation that he later went on to threaten legal action against residents who had exposed his sorry part in this appalling fiasco.
However, Jones was apparently not backed by his Conservative legal department as his threat of involving them fell through – as we fully expected.
Nonetheless, this March (2015) these same Tory hypocrites are delivering their so-called, ‘In-Touch’ literature through Ainsdale letter boxes.


This latest Tory affront to the good people of Woodvale is unacceptable when we recall Hartill’s disgraceful misuse of a valuable community project for his own Tory political purposes. The man openly admitted to volunteers that he was using the project to promote himself politically, so why exactly are these politicians now seeking to recreate reality? Have Hartill and Jones no sense of shame?

Some weaker-minded individuals (especially those with hidden political agendas) are apparently more impressed by political spin and malicious gossip than by the factual evidence that volunteers have been eager to share right from the start. Evidence that remains on-line because it is the truth!  Therefore, WWP attempts to highlight the disgraceful misuse of political power at this centre are fully justified as it was Cllr Hartill who engineered this regrettable situation in the ‘first place’. And we know this because ‘he’ told us so! Cllr Hartill’s (WACA Chairman) misdirection of WWP was challenged as dangerous and inappropriate for many months (by both volunteers and other councillors).  WACA frantically sought to dismiss claims, via a weak and inaccurate statement, levelled at them by previously loyal WWP volunteers yet the evidence (including photos, videos and documents) is irrefutable.
These WACA claims were later discredited as nothing more than ambiguous fiction.


This situation is of course … ‘ONGOING!’

Ainsdale residents have a right to know the legitimacy behind the misleading political nonsense now being pushed into their houses by anxious Tory activists. After checking the facts (rather than the usual gossip) it is quite easy to see who the real political footballers are in this instance.


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