Photo: Lib Dem Councillors Tony Dawson and Lynne Thompson

Southport councillors livid about hospital corruption

Lib Dem councillors in Southport are livid at the length of time which it has taken the NHS to sort out the allegations about senior hospital managers which have cost the local Health Service dearly.

While the Southport & Ormskirk NHS Hospital Trust lies without permanent leadership, all around the North West, various hospital trusts are wrangling with each other about configuring NHS services in the region in a game of ‘Devil take the Hindmost’.

Lib Dem Councillors Tony Dawson and Lynne Thompson lead the local health service and adult care scrutiny process for the town through Sefton Council.  Councillor Dawson says:

“While the NHS was being used dishonestly as a political shuttlecock during the recent Euro Referendum, the Southport Hospital Trust continues to have a huge deficit and problems maintaining quality services across the range. We have had record queues of ambulances at our A&E department, issues of excess deaths reported in one area and severe doubts about our ability to retain the contract to provide local District Nursing.”

“Our local hospital is in dire straits and we need clear and consistent leadership now.”

“Heaven knows how much we are diverting from our precious NHS budget into supporting two sets of four peoples’ salaries while one set of managers sits at home doing nothing. This is made worse by having to pay to run three separate sets of disciplinary Inquiries lasting almost a whole year.”

Councillor Thompson adds:

“We all now know that there was never any chance of £350 million per week being available for the NHS from the European contributions if Britain leaves the EU. This was an awful case of deliberate deception. But it would only take a small part of that money to sort out Southport Hospital’s deficit and give us a quality local hospital service.

“Equally important, we need  to have a competent management team in place who are committed to Southport Hospital#s future  – to fight our corner in the major battles taking place about what services are provided and where.”


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