RSPB bosses pass car complaints to Council

15th May 2020
RSPB car park Marshside ots southport

RSPB bosses have said the council need to do more to tackle inconsiderate parkers after campaigners begged for them to reopen Marshside car park.

A spokesman for the bird society said that any complaints about dangerous parking near the wetlands should be sent to the council instead and they won’t reopen the car park anytime soon.

They said “The reserve is currently providing a lot of local people with a safe place to exercise while maintaining social distancing and we feel that opening the car park now could greatly increase the number of visitors to the area from further afield. This could make social distancing more difficult for our local visitors, as well as posing a health risk to the community. We are committed to only opening our reserves when we feel we can do so safely for all involved.

From my recent observations, we are currently receiving more visits from local families, older people, dog-walkers, joggers and cyclists than we do in ‘normal’ times, when the site tends to be dominated by those who drive to the site. There are good public footpaths and cycle paths connecting the reserve with Crossens, Marshside, Churchtown and Southport.

I understand your concerns over the parking taking place in your photo but this is on an area that is outside of RSPB control. Any concerns over issues of unsafe or illegal parking here should be raised with Sefton Council.”

Previously, the RSPB’s ticket machine  has proved unpopular with many as it does NOT take cash.

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