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An accident has happened on the corner of Hampton Rd and Duke St (20mph zone) involving 2 cars.

One car appears to have been speeding down Duke St from the direction of the George pub has smashed into the side of other car and has ended up across the junction of Hampton Rd.

The driver of this car, believed to be a customer who had been drinking at the George has been detained inside his car by police OTS understands.

The result of the impact caused the 2nd car to be be pushed accross the junction rolling right over onto its roof and coming to a halt crashing into the garden wall of the house on the far corner, one of its rear wheels 7′ in the air.

The driver and passenger of this car have been taken to hospital, apparently they are not believed to be seriously hurt.

Residents from nearby streets heard the crash and came rushing to the scene to offer help.

The road remains closed (6pm) from the lights at the Goerge to Sefton St.

one witness said “The number 46 bus was on it’s way up Duke St at the time of the incident, the passengers were evacuated and had to make their own way from there on foot

At least 5 police cars; 2 police vans; 2 paramedic cars and 2 ambulances were in attendance

It is fortunate that no pedestrians were involved in this accident, Linaker Primary School is one block away; an hour or two earlier and there could have been children and their parents injured.
Nearby residents are very worried that there are so many vehicles speeding down Duke St and all of its side roads.”