Stop 319 New Homes Being Built On Liverpool Road’s Green Belt In Formby

The Green Light has been given for 319 new homes to be built on Liverpool Roads Green belt in Formby, this is a huge mass of land that houses a diverse array of wildlife.  As you can see on the planning image, the development will cover all of the greenbelt on the outside of Redgate/Liverpool Road and along the bypass.

Not only that, this will put a huge strain on Formby as a whole and  will create a ‘city town’ which is the exact opposite of the village everyone moved here to enjoy.

They seriously need to rethink this.  As far as I’m aware, none of the residents were made aware of this proposal, so nobody had a chance to appose it.

The Green belt should be left alone, it is not ours to touch.

Furthermore, the developments were supposed to be a response to a NEED for “affordable housing.” There are many houses in the local area at both ends of the spectrum which remain unsold after many months on the market.

This puts the “need” in this area in question. The proposals now admit that they do NOT fulfil the brief of being “affordable.” There is no evidence of there being a “need” or that the houses will be “affordable.”

In my view, before we even consider the very real problems of infrastructure, flooding, overcrowding and the devaluation of existing properties we should be asking whether these plans are in any way resolving any issues. If not, there is no logic in disrupting our community, spoiling our town, eating up green areas, affecting wildlife and creating traffic for what could well be hundreds of empty boxes.

Again, the Green belt should be left alone, it is not ours to touch…once it’s gone it’s gone.

Please SHARE Far And Wide!  We need as many signatures as possible to get our voices heard.  Thank you.

You can see the full planning here: (Its the 8th one down on the list were it says Site MN2.16 Land at Liverpool Road, Formby [east])

Here is the email for Sefton Council Planning:

or write to them at:

Sefton Planning Department
Bootle Town Hall
Oriel Road,
L20 7AE

Here is the website for the campaign to protect rural England


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