Jeff Hughes, who stood as a local candidate for UKIP in the Norwood ward in the May elections has started a Facebook group called Southport Speedtrap Alerts, OTS news spoke to Jeff today to ask what inspired him to set up this group, here’s what he said:

“I’ve become very disillusioned with the way our government have taken our police force they seem more interested in punishing motorist who slightly stray over the speed limit rather than solving crime, for example it was reported recently that the police will no longer go out to visit people who report burglaries and crimes such as fraud, they will just issue crime numbers!

I don’t blame the police for this I blame the government, the police have a very difficult job to do at the best of time, they need the support of the people, they shouldn’t be alienating them and making themselves unapproachable!

Let me make this point I am against speeding motorist but we shouldn’t penalise motorist that accidentally go over the speed limit, to me this is just a revenue making scheme”


Will you be joining southport speed trap alerts?


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