Outrage over inconsiderate parking in Birkdale

Shaw enough residents in a supposedly quiet Birkdale suburb were left fuming once again after selfish drivers caused a huge hazard.

Shaws Road in Birkdale resembled an impossible impasse today as eager sun worshippers abandoned their cars on the roadside and evidently flocked to the nearest ray of light, leaving it all but impossible to drive down the road.

Emergency services have been advised by local cab drivers that the road is too narrow for fire or ambulance crews to drive down and, as a result, there could be a serious accident.

One resident, who did not want to be named for fear of reprisals by angry yet inconsiderate drivers, told OTS News: “it’s an absolute shambles.

“I wanted to go out and get my shopping earlier but couldn’t!

“Imagine what will happen if there’s a fire? We’ll all be burnt alive.

“We should slash their tyres – although then they will take longer to shift!”

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