Crime alert Southport

An elderly householder, residing in the Smithy Green area of Formby had a leaflet pushed through her door on Thursday 22nd November advertising a service of buying old gold and silver jewellery. 10 minutes later the male who pushed the leaflet through knocked on her door and was very insistent about entering the house to look at her jewellery. He was also very keen for this discussion to take place in the kitchen, however he left the front door of the premises propped open whilst this happened which is a security risk of concern.


On the 26th November a man called at an address in Formby, he mentioned a company that the resident didn’t recognise and asked if he could read the electric metre. She asked him if he could come back when her parents were in the house. He tried again to persuade her to let him in the property but she refused. He then asked her to come with him to check her car as there was a nail or piece of glass in one of the tyres. She refused and again he persisted in trying to get her out of the property. When her parents got home she checked the tyres they were all in perfect condition.