How to Lose Weight With a Desk Job 9 Exercises You Can Do at Work!

24th May 2019
Beautiful young businesswoman stretching in office. Workplace fitness

Do you have a job that keeps you at a desk for most of the day? Are you looking for ways to avoid feeling stiff and tired at the end of your shift?

If so, then you’re in luck, because we happen to know a few exercises you can try throughout the day to stay energized for your whole shift. These workouts range in focus, from stretching to lifting, to help you stay fit.

It is important for you to exercise at different points at work if you want to avoid long-term health problems that are associated with being stationary for too long. With help from our expertise in good health, you can stay in shape without sacrificing productivity.

If you’re wondering how to lose weight with a desk job, here are nine exercises you can do at work.

1. Walk Throughout The Area

While it may not feel like it’s happening, but you are burning a nice amount of calories and keeping your heart pumping normally when you find the time to walk. That can be a piece of cake if you work at a desk.

All you need to do is give yourself a reason to get up from your chair and move around. One way is to send documents to printers that are far away, forcing you to walk a long distance to get them.

If you tend to get your assignments quickly and don’t want to wait at your desk for another project, then take five minutes to walk around the office while you wait. You may see someone during your walk that needs help. Lend a hand and not only stay productive but look good to your boss!

Heading out for lunch? Walk to your favorite eatery nearby. Not only does this deliver your daily dose of vitamin D and fresh air, but you can burn off some of those lunch calories on your way back to the office.

2. Use The Stairs

Get creative at work by swapping convenient modes of transportation with ones that get your heart pumping and work your leg muscles. When it comes to exercises at work, staircases come in handy.

Instead of using the elevators or escalators in your building, take the stairs instead. This is especially helpful for those who work on the higher floors of a building.

If some co-workers are breaking at the same time, take them along for the walk up and down the stairs. You can use this break as a chance to talk about the big game the previous night or a plan to move the company along.

Having snacks during walks isn’t the best idea, as it may counter your calorie burn. Also, be sure to keep track of how many steps you take or how high up you go so that you progress further over time.

3. Wall Squats

Some of the best workouts to do at work are those that don’t require much traveling. If you’re limited in the free time you have, then doing wall squats might be a safe bet.

This is a chance for you to keep your legs in shape, especially if you’re used to sitting for hours. Just put your back flat against the wall, have your knees at a 90-degree angle, and hold the position for as long as possible.

Keep track of how long you’re in the wall squat each time so that you have something to beat the next day. You can find the benefits of this process in pieces such as this post from Women Daily Magazine.

Some squats let you move slowly down and up in case you want to give your quads more of a challenge. Does someone in the office need help moving heavy equipment? Volunteer and work those legs! 

4. Desk Push-ups

Our list also includes exercises to do at your desk, which is helpful if you are short on time and have a long list of assignments ahead of you. One example is desk push-ups.

Keep your feet flat on the floor and far away enough from your desk for the best results. Put your hands on the edge of your desk and push yourself back up after you lower yourself.

It’s important that you keep your body straight so you don’t compromise your posture. When you lower yourself, keep your elbows bent.

Make sure that your desk isn’t too close to a wall so you can stretch out to the right distance. While this might look a little odd to your coworkers, when you explain your desire to stay healthy at work, you may inspire them to try a few reps!

5. Chair Dips

The best way to get a workout in at the office is by incorporating the objects readily available to you. That’s where office chair exercises come in, as your seat can help you break a sweat.

This is the perfect option for those working a job that doesn’t give you enough time to walk around. Face away from the chair, keeping your hands flat on the edge while placing your legs out in front of you on your heels.

Your fingers should point toward your desk, and your hands should have a good grip on both ends. The focus of this exercise is your arms and core. If you don’t feel a burn in these areas, you might need to readjust your position.

If you’ve never done this exercise before, then start with 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions. Once you’re comfortable with this routine,  increase the number of sets and reps to build muscle.

6. Leg Planks For How To Lose Weight With A Desk Job

Some in-office exercises focus on keeping your legs in shape so that you don’t feel sore or stiff when you get up. Among the best options is leg planks at your desk.

For this workout, sit at the edge of your chair and have your knees bent, feet on the floor. Extend one leg out at a time, holding it straight and parallel to the floor for 10 seconds.

This exercise makes it look like you’re just sitting at your desk doing work to everyone else who walks by. As a result, your boss won’t think that you aren’t getting work done.

If you get used to holding your legs for 10 seconds, slowly move up to build up strength and challenge yourself. 

7. Shadow Boxing

There are other workouts you can try at work that may need a little seclusion to avoid weird looks from people walking by. A prime example is shadow boxing, which can help if you already take martial arts classes and need extra practice.

Keep your fists in front of your face as if you were in an actual boxing match and throw punches in the air. Pause after 30 seconds of shadow boxing for about a minute before you get back into it.

This is another workout that you can use to boost your cardio and promote heart health. Breaking a sweat with shadow boxing can help replace your daily jog.

Your lunch break can be a good time to do this workout if you can find an empty hallway, office, or restroom. If you aren’t worried about people seeing you then you can shadow box while you’re waiting for another assignment.

8. Use An Exercise Ball

You can find a replacement for your office chair if you are short on ideas to stay in shape while sitting. With an exercise ball, you won’t have to worry about skipping leg exercises and walks.

With this ball, you can prevent lower back pain with more freedom of movement. This also comes in handy if you’re trying to improve your posture and strengthen your core.

Since you’ll have a hard time slouching on an exercise ball, you may find yourself more alert. This helps with focus and productivity.

If you have enough time on your breaks, use the exercise ball to do some crunches or while you wait for people to respond to your emails. You’ll be able to work out your back and abs at the same time.

9. Football Fast Feet

This exercise might give you flashbacks of gym class. If you played football in high school (or any other sport), you might remember a little exercise called football fast feet.

This exercise keeps you alert and consistently moving, which is great for both leg strength and heart health. You can use this workout at your job without having to leave your desk.

While the normal position requires you to stand up and quickly tap your feet on the ground, you can try a modified version at your desk in a seated position. Simply tape your feet as fast as you can in 30-second increments. Rest for 15 seconds and repeat.

Not only will you boost your heart rate and burn calories, but this is an energizing exercise to get you hyped and ready to tackle whatever tasks come your way!

Our Take

Studies show that desk jobs can cause a variety of health problems from weight gain to strokes and even heart attacks. If you’re trying to figure out how to lose weight with a desk job, this list aims to answer your prayers.

Our options allow you to move around the building on your free time, as well as give your legs and abs a workout without having to leave your seat. With these exercises, you will improve your long-term health without sacrificing productivity or your company’s bottom line.

Check out more of our fitness tips so that you can enjoy a long, active, and fulfilling life!