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Transform Fitness Training launched Body Blast Boot Camp in January, (which is already approaching 50 members!)

“Body Blast Boot Camp is more than just ‘an exercise class’. Our members come to us as they have tried every fad diet, gym membership and exercise DVD going. And they get such amazing results because we offer the entire health and fitness solution including full nutrition plans for everyone, monthly measurements & accountability forms and a private members only face book support group. Think of it as group personal training without the price tag.

If you’re fed up with your body now, and want to make critical changes to get your body into shape once and for all, you’ve found yourself in the right place.

I specifically help women, just like you lose unwanted fat, transform their confidence and become happy inside and out.

Imagine yourself the life and soul of the party, slipping into clothes you REALLY want to wear and creating a body you didn’t even think was possible.

We welcome women from all different backgrounds, age groups and fitness levels at Body Blast Boot Camp. This creates a fun, friendly atmosphere where everybody supports each other. (after all everyone is in the same boat)”

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Why most diets don’t work (and which one does)

There are literally hundreds of different diets out there; all claiming to be the best, fastest and healthiest way to lose weight. If this is the case why hasn’t everybody who has tried a diet got a six pack?


In fact 99% of people, who do try, don’t stick to it for more than a couple of months and usually much less than this.


Does this mean you won’t lose weight going on one of these diets?

No. You probably will lose weight.


Does this mean you should go on one of these diets?

Well that depends.


If you want to lose a bit of weight for a holiday or an upcoming party then going on one of these diets may be for you.

Because they work in the short term.

But they DON’T work in the long term.
You can’t stick to them for more than a couple of months because they’re NOT SUSTAINABLE.

Do you think you can eat under 900 calories a day, or drink nothing but shakes or cabbage soup (yes, that’s a thing!), or fast for 2 days of the week, or eat nothing but fruit (yes that’s also a thing) or cut out fat for the REST OF YOUR LIFE?

No, of course not. Eventually you will have to stop.


And what do you think happens when you do? Yup, you start eating exactly the way you did before.

Which means you put back on all the weight.


But not only this; half the weight you have lost is muscle. Which means you metabolism is now messed up. So you get even fatter than you were before you started dieting.


Getting in, and staying in shape is not about losing as much weight as possible in the shortest amount of time.

It’s about changing your habits and behaviour so that the healthy food that you eat isn’t ‘a diet’ but just the way you eat.

So what should you do?


Well there is a diet out there that is backed by SCIENCE.

Real scientists, doing real research.

The low carb diet.


As the name suggests this is where you cut down on carbohydrates.

This diet is GREAT for a few reasons.


  1. As there are little carbs to use as energy (you body’s primary fuel source), you start burning fat off instead to use as fuel, and your body gets more efficient at burning fat. So you lose fat quickly!
  2. It’s one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Decreasing the risk of loads of different diseases and health problems!
  3. It is sustainable. When you are at a healthy body fat % you can start reintroducing a moderate amount of healthy carbs into your diet.
  4. You don’t lose loads of calorie burning muscle like you do with other diets.


So next time you get the motivation to get into shape, a low carb diet is the best way.


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