Lord Street to undergo resurfacing works 


Sefton Council has sent out letters to residents and businesses on Lord Street, Southport to let them know about an upcoming carriageway resurfacing project.

Through a series of technical surveys and engineering analysis undertaken across the borough, Lord Street has been identified as a priority for resurfacing works.

Lord Street will undergo an important series of resurfacing works, to improve the carriageway, commencing on Monday, September 18 and taking approximately six weeks to complete.

In a bid to minimise disruption, the works will be managed in four stages:

Stage 1: Duke Street to Eastbank Street
Stage 2: Eastbank Street to Nevill Street
Stage 3: Nevill Street to Manchester Road
Stage 4: Eastbank Street junction and Nevill Street Junction

Each phase will be carried out between 8am-5pm with the exception of Phase 4, which will be carried out after 7pm.

Pedestrian access to shops and amenities will be permitted at all times, while access for deliveries is restricted between 7.30am to 9am and 5pm to 7pm daily.

There will be ongoing liaisons with properties affected as the works progress.

Diversions will be in place via Duke Street, Victoria Way, Esplanade, Promenade and Seabank Road.

Cllr John Fairclough, Cabinet Member for Locality Services, said: “We are eager to improve the road surface on Lord Street, especially in the run up to Christmas time which sees a lot of people visiting Southport.

“The timing of the works has been designed to minimise the impact on businesses, residents and visitors

“Sefton is a borough on the move and regenerating the carriageway on Lord Street is a key priority for us.

“The scheme will be carried out by Dowhigh Ltd and we expect any disruption throughout the improvement works to be kept to a minimum.

“Additional information will be posted out to residents and businesses at least two weeks in advance of the works to update people further.”

Councillor David Barton added:

“I am absolutely delighted to learn that after campaigning for this much long-awaited work since my time on the Council in 2014 onwards I have now with the welcome support of the community and the local Press been able to secure the necessary funding for the entire resurfacing of Lord Street. With such mass- scale regeneration not having been seen since the Millennium, 2000 I am thrilled that not only are the retail sector and local residents being supported, but my recent health and safety concerns are also being heeded by Sefton Council after some terrible incidents including the near fatal car crash which collided with the Verandahs at the Northern roundabout just earlier this year.

This is truly a jubilant time for celebration for many, especially my many constituents who have continually raised this with me. I am now making additional checks to see if the integrity of the trademark red tarmac can remain in addition to a matching white zebra ring at the Northern roundabout corresponding to the one which operates successfully at the southern roundabout presently to further boost both pedestrian and motorist safety alike. Onwards & Upwards!”


For further information on road closures across the borough visit www.sefton.gov.uk