Last resort ruby red rescue

Councillor David Barton - a leading campaigner for the regeneration and restoration of Southport duly attended this week's "Call-in" meeting at the Sefton Overview Skills & Regeneration Committee.

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Last resort ruby red rescue

As per constitution rules Councillor Barton who represents Dukes Ward and the Lord Street area, despite having already submitted his numerous neighbourhood concerns to the relevant Departments at the Council, whilst formally only allowed to spectate was dismayed at the lack of any of the structural integrity matters raised with me and through his own Town Audit having been raised by any of the Opposition Councillors. As the meeting was centred on the procedure element of the TRO and given this particular Councillor’s own previously successful positive and constructive way of working on behalf of his constituents this could have had an alternative outcome for the meeting which ultimately concluded with the TRO continuing as pre-planned once voted upon by those Councillors who sit on the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Councillor Barton, who has however previously undertaken an in depth consultation regarding Southport’s civic heritage along the entirety of Lord Street whilst assisting constituents, is now appealing to the Sefton Cabinet’s better nature in using this documentation previously submitted to the Sefton Planning Department to appreciate the true appreciation of this prized civic asset in its own right and to retain the ruby red tarmac for the betterment of the local community and beyond.

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“As a long-standing campaigner for the local civic heritage here in Southport I have always been appreciative of all support from the vast departments at Sefton Council who have supported various ventures I have pursued on behalf of my constituents and would be grateful if once again they could demonstrate their prowess again by listening to and acting upon the many views and individual concerns raised with me already from local residents and visitors alike.

Having been informed myself on previous occasions and during this meeting that the Southport BID had been officially tasked with this and other specific parts of town centre management as confirmed by Sefton Tourism I would now urge this decision be revoked for future reference as this negligence has ultimately backfired spectacularly and has actually hindered the efforts of those including myself, seeking to retain the red tarmac in addition to a whole cluster of sub-related construction matters, and the vast numbers of property owners in our collective restorative efforts across the Victorian seaside resort town.

Given the incompetence of the Southport BID and other “senior Southport Councillors”, in this case the Liberal democrats I am now proposing these two organisations stand aside and allow for more positive and constructive working between the Cabinet and those genuinely seeking to support the local community for the long- term.

Having only recently undertaken a consultation myself encompassing the entirety of Lord Street with C Fairfoull regarding indeed preserving Southport’s civic heritage, I was able to accrue 221 completed response forms from Lord Street alone which included a wide variety of people of all backgrounds including residents, businesses, property owners and long-standing members of the community based here which I hope the Council may yet consider as part of the consultation before any tarmac is laid.

If the Council is able to follow through with this genuine request on behalf of the towns people of Southport, whilst still adhering to the original construction timescale as planned, this will personally achieve my and many others’ own respect for the Cabinet who can be seen to be compassionate unlike how my Opposition have portrayed them.