How Technology Is Changing The Fashion Industry

Have you ever looked at your parents’ pictures or your great grandparents to inspire you what fashion was like in those old days? You will realize that there have been many changes compared with the fashion that we have today.

You may find a few ideas that have been recreated with time. However, they will always be given a fresh look to show that we are living in modern times. Technology has been the biggest contributor to the transformation that we have today. The following are some of the major contributions that technology has made to the fashion world:

Custom designs

Do you always frown at the clothes that are in the market? They most likely do not fit your taste and preferences. We have different body shapes and types, making a certain outfit look good on another person and fail to do the same to you. We live in a world where we want to reduce wastage and thus do not have to buy an outfit that you will never wear.

Technology is now allowing people to custom design clothes to their liking. How does this happen? You will find a website that allows input data such as your color complexion, your measurements, and taste to come up with a design that fits perfectly. The same technology now allows fashion designers to have a woven label that can show their brand, and such people can create such custom designs at the click of a button.

Online shopping is the norm

We have come a long way since the days that you had to walk to your tailor and get the clothes you love. You can now shop online in the comfort of your home and still look good in those outfits. The beauty of online shopping is that one gets various options, and the prices can also be competitive. Worldwide shipping is making the world a small village.

The online platforms have custom designs depending on the target market. You will find big e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon selling fashion accessories online. Dedicated fashion houses have also not been left behind, as you will find brands such as Dukes Cupboard, Wavey Garms, and Stella McCartney online. Small retailers are also taking their operations online as they realize that is where most customers are likely to hangout.

Wearable tech is taking over

There were days that people just needed a device that could check their pulse rate, activity levels, or blood sugar levels. Wearable tech was thus introduced to help people lead healthy lifestyles. For instance, you can now check the number of steps you have covered in a day through your wrist band or bracelet. Smartwatches are also a trend that is not going away any time soon.

Wearable tech has become a fashion trend that people can blend with the rest of the outfits. The manufacturers are also paying special attention to demographics such as gender and age. We now have different bracelets for women and men. The differentiation makes it easy to incorporate various features based on the target group. You will also find wearable tech dedicated to the rough outdoors and others that can fit normal environment.

Fashion blogs can’t be ignored

Getting an expert opinion is always good when you want to purchase something. Many bloggers have developed their niche in the fashion industry. Such blogs vary in design and the nature of content that they share. Fashion houses pay some of these bloggers to feature and review their products. However, the blogger must be knowledgeable in the subject matter and have a good following to attract endorsements and paid product placements. They are also bloggers who do it for fun as they love fashion. Some fashion houses also run blogs where they can educate and inform their followers on different things.

There are general fashion blogs, as well as specific blogs. For instance, you can find a blog that covers both men’s and women’s fashion. On the other hand, it is also possible to find blogs that cover only men’s or women’s fashion. You will also find some that have niched further and cover items such as male kids wear, plus-size women wear, men watches, and women lingerie, to mention a few. These bloggers use different platforms, such as websites and social media platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram.

3D printing

It is a technology that is allowing fashion designers to turn some of the most challenging designs into reality. We have evolved from traditional based methods such as sewing textiles together and pattern-cutting towards 3 dimension designs. 3 D technology combined with customization allows fashion houses to design personal swing tags that they can use to display their products.

The presence of digitally created materials is making it possible to embed physical properties into various textiles. 3D is allowing for the creation of perfect customization that brings clothes that fit perfectly on the target customer. The technology is also makes it easy for organizations to brand their outfits and promote their brands out there.

Virtual Reality

VR is a technology that seemed like a far-fetched dream a decade ago. However, technology is already transforming various sectors, and fashion has been one of the biggest beneficiaries. A VR headset is making it easy for customers to visit fashion houses remotely and make their selections. The same customer can use avatars to fit in various fashion accessories and ensure that they come out with clothes that fit them perfectly. VR is also making it easy for fashion houses to rearrange their houses and fit the best layouts based on customer interactions and response.

The fashion sector has been one of the most dynamic industries, and technology is one of the major contributors. We can also not ignore the contributions that the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are making in this industry. Most players in the fashion industry use a combination of several technologies to take their brands out there.