Woodlands Animal Sanctuary are very pleased to be able to tell you about an auction that is happening next Wednesday 15th July at Omega Auctions, Newton-le-Willows.

Omega Auctions is one of the leading auction houses worldwide for selling music memorabilia, vinyl, and musical instruments and the charity is incredibly excited to be able to say that they will be auctioning for them, 3 guitars, that have been very kindly donated to them for this purpose.  Omega Auctions have even agreed to sell these lots without charging commission.

The Director is Paul Fairweather and you are able to watch the auction live, and also bid, by visiting their website:  www.omegaauctions.co.uk  The lots you are looking for are 12, 13 & 14.  All electric guitars, Gibson Les Paul, Gibson SG & Ibanez with a starting bid from £80, Woodlands are very excited to see how the auction goes on the day.

Woodlands are incredibly grateful that these superb guitars have been donated to them, for them to sell and keep the profits.  They are equally thankful to Omega Auctions for offering to do this without commission.  As Covid-19 has changed everyone’s lives over the last few months to varying degrees, charities who usually rely on events involving the public to raise funds for their running costs have had to come up with different ways to try to continue to offer their services.  Woodlands is no different and if you are a follower of theirs you will no doubt have been involved in the different events they have had over the last few months.  However, when opportunities like this come up, which Woodlands are very aware that they only get because of their wonderful supporters, but in the current climate are even more important to them, they need to take full advantage of them.

So if you are a music enthusiast, or know someone who is, please pass on these details to them, so these wonderful guitars go to a deserving home and Woodlands can use the money to continue their life saving and life changing work.