Fox and goose

A popular Southport pub has closed its doors and turned off its speakers.

The Fox & Goose on Cable Street is now up for sale for £195,000 with no offers yet to be made.

In its heyday the Fox and Goose was a popular nighttime venue but in recent years has suffered ongoing decline and lack of trade.

A Fox and Goose ex licencee told OTS News “Like myself many people who know and loved the fox will be deverstated, but there are many issues with trying to make a venue like this profitable. Sure It’s not all about money, but I personally had to work 70 hour weeks for £80, as the place was not generating enough profit to pay staff. Also with a brewery not willing to invest in the place it just was not keeping up with all these other swanky venues, the fox had hit a brick wall years ago, not enough beer sales means not enough orders from brewery, which meant definetly no investment by the brewery. I would love to see someone buy the place and create something fantastic as the fox has not evolved over the years, and it deserves more respect for the piece of southport history that it is”

Punters will now have the option of frequenting Leo’s Bar or the Ship Inn which are both close to the now shut down Fox.

Anyone interested on purchasing the pub should contact broker James A Baker to discuss further