Courses close for national lockdown

Southport golfers were turned away from their courses yesterday amid the first stages of a new national lockdown.

In line with government laws following the new lockdown measures, Southport Municipal and all privately owned courses must close for at least six weeks.

Tennis courts and outdoor gyms have also been shut down by park rangers today, while playgrounds will stay open to provide some respite for parents.

The Government requires that golf course be closed until further notice and No unauthorised play is permitted.

All outdoor gyms are now closed, and will be decommissioned over the coming days by the council.

Tennis Courts and Basketball Court areas are now closed and no use can be made of these courts which will be locked where possible over the coming days.

the use of playing pitches has also now ceased until further notice.

However playgrounds, allotments and dog walking areas are set to stay open, the council have confirmed

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