Councillor welcomes Council action on Stanley traffic hazard

Councillor Pat Keith has welcomed Sefton Council’s “swift response” to her request for action to be taken on mounting traffic problems affecting Stanley High School

“Concerns were raised to me by the headteacher and local residents about increasing traffic flows in the school’s area caused by resurfacing of Marine Drive and subsequent traffic diversions, “ said Councillor Keith, Lib Dem representative for Cambridge Ward.

“The situation was so bad that the school had to employ additional staff to ensure student safety.  But even so there were still incidents of significant concern, with staff and students trying to cross the road and navigate stationary north bound traffic but having to avoid the south bound traffic, with the risk of an accident occurring.

“I am delighted at the council’s swift action responding to my request. They are installing a temporary pedestrian crossing at the north end of Fleetwood Road and have agreed to review the longer-term issues raised about traffic speed. “