Southport MP, Damien Moore, has received praise from residents in Birkdale after he attended a Civic Society event to answer questions from residents on local issues.

Business owners in the area also attended the event to discuss and share ideas for the £25 million Town Funds deal that Mr Moore recently secured from the Government.

The ideas will be put forward to Sefton Council to ensure Southport has a say on how the money is spent.

The local MP also outlined how the prospectus for the Towns Fund will be designated to Sefton Council, stating that ‘providing the application to the Government meets the criteria, there is no reason why Southport cannot obtain the allotted £25 million.’

Residents also praised the Southport MP on his successful campaign for Access for All funding at Hillside, which will enable elderly, disabled and young families to access the station.

Commenting, Damien Moore MP said:

“I was delighted to attend the Birkdale Civic Society and I was encouraged by how many residents attended the event and their passion for standing up for Southport.”

“I would also like to congratulate the Chairman of Birkdale Civic Society, Charlotte Bigland, on hosting the event, I know she put a lot of time and effort in holding the event so residents could express their views.”

Commenting, Chairman of Birkdale Civic Society Charlotte Bigland said:

“I would like to thank Mr Moore for attending the first in our political speaker events. As a non-political organisation it is essential to us that we provide an unbiased platform for local residents to have the opportunity to have their concerns heard, and questions answered. It was refreshing to see how open Damien was when answering the resident’s questions and how approachable he was during the event. It is clear he has a real interest in both Southport’s history and its future”

“Since the event he has contacted Sefton Council on behalf of Birkdale’s traders about the trees in the village that ought to be maintained so that businesses and customers can go about their way. He has also campaigned for CCTV since the meeting and we have already received a response from the Police. I am happy that we have an MP that listens to the people of Southport and takes their concerns seriously”