Pictured: Catherine Greenall at Broadhursts 

Catherine Greenall was born in Lancashire and worked for years as a government scientist and authored several scientific publications, before turning to writing fiction. Apart from the ‘Quirk of Destiny’ trilogy, her published work includes a vegan cookbook “Vegans Can’t Eat Anything!” and a ghost story, ‘Echoes’.

A frightening picture of the near future is painted in a new science thriller, ‘Return to Gallanvaig’ by author Catherine Greenall.

“Return to Gallanvaig” is the second part of the “Quirk of Destiny” trilogy, an apocalyptic tale of devastation and destruction caused by the widespread introduction of genetically modified food, resulting in the decimation of the human race and the rise of the “Genies,” or gene-mutated humans.

Two years have passed since the first outbreak and the Genies, led by Balthazar, the epitome of evil with paranormal powers, hatch a plan to increase their diseased race, despite the ravages of GM poisoning.

Meanwhile, a ruthless shadowy group emerges, intent on manipulating world events, causing death and destruction, with the ultimate aim to take control of the surviving world population.

They attack their sworn enemies, the Genies and inveigle the leaders of the nations of the world. The only hope for the survival of humankind is the backlash from the GM-free survivors.

Could it happen? It already is. But will good triumph over evil?

A Quirk of Destiny ‘.. great romp of a novel, populated by a host of well-drawn characters, and with a gradually emerging, sinister plot twist.’ Brian Page, Editor Mensa Magazine

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