Complaints keep coming in about the Iceland car park, King street, Southport.

This time a disabled badge holder is disputing a £100 fine that was issued because the APNR system didn’t pick up the blue badge.

Resident, Kelly said: “Iceland car park is a disgrace, I revcieved a notice through today saying I have to pay  £100 fine even though the blue badge was displayed in the window.

“If they are taking pictures of the car on the way in and way out, how can they prove that people don’t have a blue badge.

“When we called them they wanted me to send pictures of the entire blue badge which he is not allowed. They also added that they wouldn’t do anything about it over the phone. It’s a disgrace the way they work this car park just because they have no attendant.

Since may 2015 Iceland sacked the parking attendant after he had a sex session in the King Street car park.

The attendend was later sentenced to four months imprisonment suspended for 12 months and a 20 day probation activity requirement.


Southport’s Iceland Car Parking rules – be aware!

• Shoppers are being timed from the moment you enter the King Street car park and not from when they have payed and displayed.

A number of residents have recently contacted OTSnews regarding the parking rules at Iceland on King Street.

local resident, Caroline said: “I would like to warn shoppers about Iceland car park, shoppers are still getting fined even if leaving within the time on the ticket”

I entered the car park, waited for a space to become available, found some change and then typed in my reg. I then proceeded to shop in Iceland.

I returned to the car within the time limit I had paid for and left a short time after. Today I received a £60 fine because the cameras clocked me seven minutes over, this was because of time taken to get parked, etc… it’s a scam and needs addressing!”