Photo: David Lean

68-year-old David Lean who was a parking assistant at Iceland and the Park park pub in Birkdale was today sentenced after having a sexual encounter with a suspected prostitute in broad daylight.

Lean was sentenced to four months imprisonment suspended for 12 months and a 20 day probation activity requirement.



A car park attendant was arrested following  sex session in the Iceland car park on King Street at around 3pm yesterday. Thursday 21 May 2015.

Store manager Paul Thomason said:

“A member of the public approached me to come and see what was going on at the side of the building, to my horror it was like an X-rated film.

Children and families could see what was happening, it was horrific.

The female ran off down Market Street.

I immediately called the police who arrived within minutes, questioned him and then took him away.

I have since notified the company who manages the car park and they have now fired him.”

A local shop owner quoted:

“ It is a totally disgusting act and to do it wearing a fluorescent jacket in public is just crazy”.

ots-iceland-car-parkToday the car park attendant is working in Birkdale Village.

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