The WW1 Memorial Quilt has been in the making since last year I started asking people if they could embroider or cross-stitch a square made in cotton and thread , with the name of a family member that they lost in the first world war, I made flyers and went round to most craft clubs and haberdashery shops and even local press to get people interested, but sadly it was a very poor response, I enlisted two ladies from the flyers. I was determined to get this WW1 MEMORIAL QUILT made even if I had to do it all myself. The problem I had was I cant embroider hence asking others to join in, also I didn’t know the first thing about making Quilts not a very good start !. One thing that I have learn’t while trying to do this is , its not what you know but who you know !004
I went to Asterisk Direct, workwear & embroidery on Kensington industrial estate,where I met George and Paula they own the business I asked if he could do the squares if I designed them and provided the cotton squares and if anyone wanted any would he be prepared to make them and he did at a reduced price. My friend and I puchased lots of bundles of Cotton pieces which were all used in the making of the WW1 MEMORIAL QUILT, when people contacted me I would take the cotton and threads to them , and showed them samples which I had made by Asterix and they could do what they wanted as it was their square to remember their family member or someone that they knew. Last year I attended Tarleton Craft Club which is held in the library each week, I asked if they would like to make squares for the WW1 MEMORIAL QUILT and they made twelve squares and Carol Lye who is offered to sew the quilt together once the squares were made. Chris Jowett of St Johns Craft Club Crossens made Squares sadly one of the ladies that she made a square for passed away . I was asked by Jason Carroll of Bing House if I
would like to get some of the guest’s to make squares, so I went there on a Thursday morning for a few weeks and quite a few of the guests did make or order squares. A lady who made three squares also donated the wadding for the quilt. Gladys Rimmer Armstrong donated cotton threads and advice. Ireen who works in the British Red Cross shop made several squares. Kerry of Clouds, 3 Hill street, embroidered & donated four squares. The men and boys named on the WW1 MEMORIAL QUILT come from different places around the country, they are remembered in different war memorials in France, Belgium,Gallipoli, some are buried in graves, some are missing and remembered at Thiepval, Tyne cot, Yepes and more and some are only known to god. They are all in different Regiments, East Lancashire, Manchester’s, Kings Liverpool,Lancashire Fusiliers and more. there are thirty named squares most with a little information I didn’t want them to be just name and number as quite a lot of them are. They were men and boys, someones Father,Son,Brother,Granddad,Great Granddad Uncle, Great Uncle, I want this WW1 MEMORIAL QUILT to be a displayed and remembered as it should fittingly be and hopefully last another hundred years for people to remember. i also have some photos of the men which i am going to put together with the info about them into a album any further questions contact me or if anyone want to display the WW1 MEMORIAL QUILT it has got a few dates booked i will have to get a diary for it lol.

The quilt will be on display this w/end at princes park on armed forces day

yours Julie Gladwin