Why Are Online Slots So Popular?

5th December 2022

If you’ve ever gambled before, chances are that you’ve played a slot machine. After all, slots have been one of the most popular and enjoyable forms of gambling since they were invented back in the late 1800s. They retained their popularity a hundred years later when casinos made the leap online and new games began being developed for casino websites. 

Today, an almost endless number of exciting slots are accessible across hundreds of online casinos. They attract players from every corner of the world and provide immense entertainment and a real chance of winning big. 

But what exactly makes these online slots so popular? What makes them stand out compared to other casino games? Don’t they all work the same? Keep reading as we search for the answers to all these questions. 


The top reason online slots are so popular is also one of the most apparent reasons. They are easily accessible from many online casinos and can usually be played anywhere (albeit with a few geographical exceptions). 

Back in the days when online casinos were merely a concept of the future, players would have to travel to their nearest land-based casino to play their favourite slot. Unfortunately, the closest casino was not always that close.

Online casinos bring the best slot games to you, even right into your pocket. This development has made slots one of the most accessible casino games and has taken what was already a popular form of gambling to the next level. 

Extensive Library

Aside from being much more readily available, there is another aspect that makes online slots better and more appealing than physical ones: the selection on offer. 

Physical casinos are and have always been limited to space. After all, you can only fit a certain number of large slot machines into a specific area. And if you need multiple machines for each type of game, you can only fit an even smaller selection of games in that area. 

Because online casinos don’t have these limitations, they can offer impressive libraries comprising a vast number of unique games. This retail space hasn’t been lost on the game developers, who have also worked hard to create more and more games to keep players entertained and winning. 

Better Chances at Winning

While it may not sound like something that would be affected depending on if the slot exists in a physical space or on a server, your chances of winning are better with the latter. Physical casinos have significantly higher overheads than online casinos and, therefore, need a higher house edge to pay all the bills. 

This difference can be seen clearly in the RTP of the slots on offer by the different casinos. RTP, or return to player, is the percentage of money taken in by a slot machine that is returned to players through winnings or jackpots.

On average, physical slot machines only give between 70% and 90% RTP. While this doesn’t sound like bad odds for the player, it can’t compare with those of online slots, which average between 93% and 97%.

Visuals and Updates

There is no denying that physical slot machines have some spectacular visuals. Between the lights that twinkle around the screen, the smooth animation of the reels, and the engaging sounds that announce a big win, these slot machines offer almost everything you could want. 

However, unlike online slots, once these machines are built and shipped, they remain the way they are until they reach the end of life. If you come across an older slot, it could be slightly more outdated than you expect. 

Slots offered by online casinos are developed to mimic those in a physical casino. Because of this, they have the same stunning visuals, beautiful backgrounds, and exciting sounds. However, they are constantly updated to keep them relevant and looking their best—even if their gameplay doesn’t change. 

Online Casino Promotions and Bonuses

Many casinos worldwide have rewards programs that give back to loyal players. Online casinos are no exception. Plenty also has VIP or loyalty programs that offer great bonuses and exclusive offers to players who log on often. 

However, online casinos tend to go above and beyond a regular rewards program. They also regularly offer great promotions and, if you’re a new player, offer impressive sign-up bonuses as incentives to register an account. 

Generally, these take the form of deposit match bonuses, which will result in you sometimes doubling your deposit. Also offered are free spins on particular slots that are popular during your registration or other benefits that make it worthwhile to play.

Safety and Security

Even though physical casinos place a significant emphasis on the security of players, there are times when heists and robberies still take place. This puts you and the winnings you’ve accumulated at unnecessary risk and could seriously damper your casino experience. 

Playing online mitigates this risk because you are playing from the comfort of your home or wherever else you feel safe. An added layer of protection is that you don’t have to deal with any cash or cheques should you win a big payout. 

Instead, your winnings remain in a virtual space until you decide to transfer them into your chosen bank account securely. As such, your money is never “in the open” and can’t be targeted by those looking to take what the luck of the game has given you. 


Physical slot machines are no doubt a great deal of fun to play. However, there is no denying that the slots offered by the best online casinos, like those on slotsource.co.uk, come with unique advantages over their physical counterparts.

So, if you’re on the hunt for fantastic slots with all the added benefits, look at the best online slots and see for yourself why they are so popular.