How online slots work: what is the RNG and bonus rounds

28th October 2021

To date, online slots is one of the most accessible and exciting types of gambling games. There is a large variety of online video slots, they have different themes, plots and bonus offers. Along with btc casino they are in high demand and attract a huge number of those wishing to try their luck. At the heart of any slot is an RNG (Random Number Generator). This is a program that has a certain algorithm and determines the combination of numbers or symbols that will appear on the screen. There is no regularity here, everything is completely random.

The principle of the random generator is very valuable for the casino games online, as it is the easiest way, which requires no additional intervention, the entire game is completely random, and that makes it so intriguing and exciting. As for RTP , it is the percentage of the slot’s payout to the player. It shows the player’s chance of winning in the slot and predicts how much of the deposited funds can come back as winnings.


As a rule, the best slots have a high percentage of returns. The RTP indicator determines how many bets a player can get back from all the bets he made earlier on a certain slot in the long run. Understanding this aspect will help the gambler to determine the minimum bet size. Symbols in slot machines are certain images, a joint combination of which means the jackpot. That is, if there are several identical images on the screen, it means that the slot machine gave out a winning combination.



Round is a bonus feature that can be activated by spinning the reel, usually leading to an increase in the chances of winning. Rounds are closely related to the theme of the slot and correspond to the design and plot of the game. By the way, bitcoin casinos often have bonus options. In slots there are such options as free spins, respins, jackpots, prize levels, etc.


Free spin

Free spin is an opportunity to spin for free. Such a bonus increases the chances of winning, because it is an additional attempt, in which the gambler has no losses. Respin is an additional spin, which also increases the chances of success, as the gambler has the opportunity to spin up to the emergence of a winning combination. Since slots can often fail to reach the right symbol, the respin function was invented. Playing in a crypto casino is an opportunity to win the jackpot. In modern slots, the jackpot can be won if there are the same symbols on the whole screen.


It is very unlikely, but it is possible and many people dream about it, because it is really great luck. There are also random jackpots or Mystery Prize, which can fall at any moment, no matter what combination of symbols on the screen. There’s also the jackpot for the bonus, which is a jackpot draw in a special bonus round. Today, crypto casinos are beginning to take a leading position. First of all, this is due to the fact that playing cryptocurrency has become more accessible to more people.

In the gambling industry, the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency has long been nothing new. It has been a big step towards gaining freedom of action while playing and maintaining one’s privacy. The anonymity allows players to make cryptocurrency transactions, even for large amounts, without attracting the attention of banks. Financial security in the casino is very important, so experienced gamblers have switched to the bitcoin system. All currency transactions are encrypted, which prevents outsiders from knowing anything about the amount of money that has been sent or received. No taxes or commissions are charged for digital currency transactions, which is very convenient and profitable.


The speed of cryptocurrency transactions is much faster than conventional money transfers, it speeds up many processes, and the introduction of blockchain technology provides reliable protection against fraudsters. Only the owner has access to the data. In countries where gambling is prohibited, the use of cryptocurrency is even more profitable, because complete anonymity allows gamblers to withdraw their winnings and play their favorite slots. In general, crypto casino is a modern alternative to the classic casino, which has an increased level of security of personal data and financial transactions.