The casino is basically a facility where people get indulged in certain types of gambling. These casinos are mostly found near or inside the hotels, malls, and restaurants. There are many cruise ships where casinos are available. These days we also get online casinos where people can gamble by downloading an app at home. There are many people who earn their daily bread depending upon the result of the casino games but most people play it for the sake of entertainment. The casino business is very much profitable and the owners are earning huge as the attraction of gambling in a casino among the people looks like it is never going to perish.

How do Casinos Make Money?

A casino is a place where people instantly get greedy and dreams to earn millions and millions of money in one single night. These things happen only in movies or daily soaps but in real life it is next to impossible. Casinos have built all their gambling equipment with many combinations of win and lose which acts mostly to their advantage hence they earn money. Some games like Poker and Blackjack are quite different from other casino games. Casinos mostly earn their dollars on Poker just by doing the job of a middleman. In the games like poker and black Jack the place where the game is conducted or the person conducting the game even the whole environment is set up by the casino and they earn huge from the commission.

Some of the Richest Casino Owners

Casino businesses are among one of the most popular businesses in the world. The economic profit is huge and evergreen unless and until there is a massive recession and people stop coming to the casino or stop playing so much. Some of the rich Casino owners are as follows,

  • Sheldon Adelson is presently the richest man in the casino world. He is estimated to be 35.3 billion dollars. Sands Hotel and Casino and The Venetian are two top resorts in Las Vegas owned by him. He further expanded his business in 2004 in Macau by opening two more casinos there. He has also made a facility in Singapore in the year 2006 which has now become one of the most engaging places in Asia because the Asians are going there to enjoy. Brazil is a virgin market and Adelson noticed it so he is also planning to make some facilities there and also in some other countries as well. Besides being a talented entrepreneur he is also a person having a great and successful political life in America. Being an active member of the Republican Party, Sheldon Adelson greatly batted for Donald Trump. Another lesser-known business of his is owner two daily newspaper companies among which one is an Israeli and the other one is an American newspaper. Sheldon Adelson has been acknowledged as the 15th richest man in the world in 2018.
  • Lui Che Woo is the second richest man in the world of gambling who is from Hong Kong. Lui Che Woo’s Galaxy Entertainment Group, successfully operates many such facilities in Macau. Besides being into the casino business he was also into the real estate business. Lui had a pretty troubled life when he was a kid. His troublesome life did not leave him even when he was an adult kid but from there he has managed to become a billionaire all by himself. When he was a kid he was forced to sell peanuts on the streets for a living. Later on, he managed to get a job as a stock keeper, and then at the age of 20 he bought his first firm. Lui is a great, humble, and down to earth guy. He keeps a very low profile outside China which one would never see among the casino big shots. He is a charity person and he does that from the core of his heart. He also gives away many prizes to the needy people; the awards are named after him. The Lui Che Woo prize is given to the people who solve major problems to mankind such as positive life attitude, sustainable development, and increasing human well being.
  • Surprisingly, the third richest man in this industry is actually a tenant of Malaysia, Chen Lip Keong. He started his casino ownership business in the year of 1994, in Cambodia. As years passed by, he proved the world to be one of the most successful and most influential people in this industry. These are some of the attractions that have led Cambodia to attract tourists progressively every year. Though in a corrupted country like Cambodia Chen Lip Keong has managed to run the casino business successfully in a great achievement.

Digital Casino and Live Casino Business

Many successful casino owners have started earning money by making a casino application or even by going live. The viewers check their fortune by sitting at home. Digibet VIP is one of the best sites for gambling online. It has many special VIP programs and bonuses. It provides a huge scope for the customers to win money. There is a wide range of games in a live casino such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, etc.

Some Rich Gamblers in the World

  • One would be shocked to know that one of the richest gamblers is a mathematics genius named Bill Benter. He used to count the cards while playing blackjack and also he used Edward Thrope’s Beat the Dealer method to improve his. When the casino people came to know about his methods, he was banned. He decided to move to Hong Kong and continue what he started. He met Alan Wood, another gambler and they together started concentrating upon horse betting. They started working upon some formula that would tell the results of the horse race from beforehand. Hence, they created an all-round gambling result in exposing software.
  • Edward Thorpe is another mathematics genius who made immense money with the help of calculations. His method of calculation was written and published in a guide called Beat the Dealer.
  • Billy Walters is among the richest and was the most feared gambler in the casinos. Most of his family members were into gambling so he naturally inherited it. He started betting at the age of nine. He used to run a betting consultancy service illegally. He has also paid a fine for it which was around $1,000.