With the weekend weather looking cold, rainy and cloudy we give you 3 activities you can do to get you out the house but still stay dry.

1.Recording Britain Exhibition at the Atkinson (9th -10th):

The Recording Britain collection, held by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London  is the result of a unique documentary project initiated by Sir Kenneth Clark and funded by the Pilgrim Trust at the start of the Second World War. More than 90 artists – young and old, men and women, renowned professionals and gifted amateurs – were commissioned to make ‘sympathetic records’ of vulnerable buildings, landscapes and lifestyles.

2.Visit the Southport Jazz Festival (8th -10th)

Over the three days Southport will welcome respected jazz musicians to the town to bring you fantastic live entertainment. In over 20 different venues ranging from hotels, bars, restaurants and shopping arcades, you can join in whilst doing a spot of shopping, dine or drink and soak up the atmosphere that has the town buzzing all weekend.

To find venues or to find more information on the event visit – http://www.visitsouthport.com/whats-on/southport-jazz-festival-p259291

3.The Sacred Landscape of Ancient Egypt at the Atkinson

The ancient Egyptians saw the natural world around them as being filled with divine presence, from the daily crossing of the sky by the sun god, to the annual rise and fall of the river Nile, to a local god who might live in a nearby mountain. They were also extremely skilled creators of buildings which had a variety of ‘sacred’ purposes (including tombs and temples) some of which were built on a spectacular scale.

Opening Times for Exhibitions are:

Monday – Saturday 10am – 4pm

Sunday 11am – 3pm

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