Weather warning issued for Southport – Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning

Strong gusts across England and Wales are expected on Tas an autumnal weather bomb sweeps in.

A Warning has been issued for the following regions

– North West England (Yellow)
– Wales (Yellow)
– North East England (Yellow)
– East Midlands (Yellow)
– Yorkshire & Humber (Yellow)
– SW Scotland, Lothian Borders (Yellow)
– Northern Ireland (Yellow)
– Strathclyde (Yellow)
– West Midlands (Yellow)
– East of England (Yellow)

The Met Office says the winds may cause travel disruption, with a “small chance” of power cuts and damage to buildings.

The unsettled weather here in the UK is not related to the storms currently battering the US and Caribbean, with Hurricane Irma bringing 130mph winds and storm surges to Florida.

When asked whether there was any connection, the Met Office tweeted: “There are no links between Irma and the weather we are experiencing in the UK at the moment.

“Both systems which will affect the UK are deep low pressure systems that have developed well north in the Atlantic Ocean, independent of the current Caribbean hurricanes.”