WATCH: Southport resident sparks national campaign

Southport resident sparks national campaign.

Michele Martin (38 Degrees member) has sparked a national campaign for our governments promise to ensure that the £350 million a week that was promised goes to our NHS.

Petition details: 

Ensure that the £350 million a week that was promised goes to our NHS.

Why is this important?

Nigel Farage and Leave campaigners promised to invest in our NHS – but this morning it looks like they’re trying to wriggle out of it. They have to keep their promise.

Our NHS has been cash strapped for years. NHS staff are working so hard. Now we have an opportunity to make the ‘Leave’ campaigners promise to put the £350 million saved from the EU into the NHS.

Today, half the country is rejoicing, half the country is despairing. But the NHS unites us all. We need to hold them to their promise of £350 million a week for our NHS.

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