Visiting Blackpool casinos for the first time? Here’s a beginner’s guide

19th February 2022

Going to Blackpool isn’t all about going to the fairground, beach and eating fish and chips on the seafront. The holiday resort also has casinos that are well worth visiting. What if you’ve never been to one, though? No problem! Read our beginner’s guide to great games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, and slots.

All these games and more can be played at Blackpool’s Grosvenor Casino and the Genting Casino – but we’re still waiting for the resort’s alleged super casino. If it is your first visit to such an establishment, it can be a daunting (but ultimately exciting) experience. Whatever you do, though, don’t just head straight to the gaming tables and slot machines. Get used to the new surroundings first.

Casinos aren’t just about placing bets and hoping you have enough money to get a taxi home – and that can be quite expensive if you’re heading back to Southport. There are bars, restaurants, and the chance to watch the latest sport on the big screens. By all means, visit these areas but don’t eat and drink too much and then start betting. You need a clear head to gamble, and concentration is important. That’s a difficult task after a few beers.

Another important task is to set yourself a budget to play with. Don’t play with money that you cannot afford to lose. Never chase losses because that often just leads to you losing even more money. Gambling can be great fun, and it’s important it stays that way. Play the games, hopefully win, and then enjoy spending your winnings.

So, head to the tables, and you fancy a game of blackjack. If this is your first time in a casino, you might know the game as pontoon,  a game to play on a rainy Sunday afternoon at home. But do you know how to play properly? It’s a good idea to watch other players first before you start gambling for real. Learn when it’s best to keep your cards and not ask for another one from the dealer.

You might be able to try Texas Hold ’em poker if games are running, which is the game you see on TV, or casino-style poker games against the dealer. Whichever you choose, it’s wise to brush up on the rules and poker strategy first.

This is one of the most complicated games to play. You really do need that ‘poker face’ to try and convince the other players you’re not sitting there with four of a kind. Don’t bet on every single hand; that’s a tactic that can quickly see your funds diminish.

Patience may be another card game altogether, but it’s a key word in poker. Take your time and think about every single action you take. See if you can work out which of the other players are bluffing, trying to win hands with terrible cards. Above all, make sure you know the rankings of each hand. Believing three of a kind beats a flush isn’t going to help you.

You might think that roulette is just about spinning a wheel and guessing what number the ball ends up on. There’s far more to this game than that. You don’t just have to bet on your lucky number and hope it lives up to its name. It’s possible to bet on a range of numbers or whether it’ll be a red or black.

Any casino worth its salt has row after row of slot machines. Slots have changed dramatically in recent years due to advancements in technology. It’s not just hoping that three bells might end up on the payline. They have complex bonus games, and again it’s important that you read the rules of the game and don’t just press the start button and hope for the best.

Games now have plenty of ways to win, and you can win life-changing amounts on them. Don’t spend all night trying to win the progressive jackpots, though. It is so easy to keep playing and lose track of time (this applies to all the games in the casino). Before you know it, your money has gone. Some people do win slot jackpots, especially in Las Vegas, but it’s rare in Blackpool!

A great night out lies ahead at the casinos in Blackpool. Make sure you do some research, concentrate on the games, and don’t spend over your budget. Whether it be poker, blackjack, roulette, or slot machines, you need to take care. Don’t let your first experience of a casino be one you remember for the wrong reasons. Play the games that you understand, use strategies that work and have a great time.