UPDATE: Portland Street Cycle Project Fiasco Continues

Update Sefton Contractor does half a job

After years of complaints by residents and business owners to Sefton council regarding the loose cobbles on the king street part of Portland Street a contractor has finally turned up.

Unfortunately this contractor only threw a bit of tarmac in one of the holes, it is now starting to look like a patchwork quilt.

Remember this is the intersection that has been featured by onthespot (Phil Rodwell) quite a few times from work that was finished that had to be undone and refinished, to the health and safety issues and the problems with the road closure.

Will Sefton Councils rectify its shoddy work once and for all?


Portland Street Cycle Project fiasco UPDATE

Today Friday 3rd March 2012 the Portland Street part of the King Street intersection was dug up again by contractors following defects to the concrete (cracking).

Below was the state of play on (Friday 11th March 2011) when it started to rain and a large puddle emerged.

But that is not the end of it……….

phil-rodwell-ots-news-southport-duckShortly after at 3.40pm a yellow duck arrived and 7 minutes later 2 more ducks arrived.phil-rodwell-ots-3-ducks-southportA spokesman for the early learning centre said the ducks where at Lord Street at 3-00pm.

No one from the Council was available for comment but a council worker did say QUACK QUACK!

Below – Contractors digging up the road today Friday 3rd February 2012

phil-rodwell-southport-concrete king st_1

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