Holidaymakers sunning it up at the Victoria Park caravan site have complained after felled trees blocked their walking route in and out of the site.

Contractors have since partially moved a 18ft tree after it came crashing down over the pathway linking Rotten Row, Victoria Park and the old Coastal Road, a main thoroughfare for holidaymakers at the busy caravan site.

One caravan owner, Reg Clifton, sent this image to OTS news, adding “We pay a lot of money to stay here and we use that path a lot to get to Rotten Row but first the last few days it’s been impassable.

“We complained to a staff member on site who said it wasn’t their problem and the council should move it. It’s still there but someone has now moved it a little bit out of the way.

“If I was in a wheelchair or disabled it would impossible to get past. It’s not great service for what we pay for.”