It is now the start of the April school term. This is the period when the last educational records and assessments are finalised for those moving to a different school.

All of the school reception teachers are busy making their way into pre-schools and nurseries in order to meet the children, who will be moving on to their first day at ‘big’ school.

It is very important, we believe, for those teachers to see the children in their familiar environment and meet them. It gives them and the children an important start to the beginnings of the relationship to follow in the forthcoming September.

It is also the time when older children are preparing for their transition from primary school to high school. Some children, no matter what their age, will find the move more daunting than others and will need an ‘enhanced transition’ with more in place than the usual one.

For older pupils needing an enhanced transition they will probably visit the school one day a week throughout the last half term, so that they feel more a part of the new school when they move across in September.

My son when moving to Formby High had a fantastic transition, they even put activities in place over the holidays and carried on the transition almost throughout year 7. This sort of transition process is very important and much appreciated by families.

At Pine Pixies Pre-School we work closely with other schools, in order to ensure each child is as ready as they can be and that the school has all the information they need to carry on the work we have done with them. Most of the schools in Formby work closely with us.

At Pine Pixies, transitions started a long time ago with teachers coming into our setting and us going to them on visits.

We helped to support parents, ‘when needed’, with school choices and we do ‘enhanced transitions’ too when required.

When we have a confirmed list of children, going to whatever school, we will put it up in our setting to help parents to get to know each other, which then in turn helps children with their transition.

In our role play area, we will have uniforms to dress up in and a book of photographs from their school with pictures of their teachers and the different areas within the school.

If your child is moving on this July, what transitions are in place?

I believe Formby childcare and Formby schools give a very rich service to families in this area, second to none.

Pine Pixies do have places available for September, so please do put your child’s name down now to reserve a place.



Comment from Martine Platt, Co Manager and SENCO at Pine Pixies…

“Transitions are really important and need to run smoothly. Not only when  our children first start at our setting but when they go off to ‘big’school. It is always sad to see our children leave, but also a happy time to see them just fit in to school life. Children are unaware that they are getting ready for the transition right through pre school life, be it emotionally or physically ready. This is why we work very closely with our local schools. Reception teachers and pre-schools  attend regular hub meetings, which I find invaluable to make sure we are all working together and work out what is best for our children. Also trips to local schools and teachers coming in to our setting, to watch them play or read them a story so the children are used to seeing familiar faces or surroundings. Not only is it our job to support children through transitions, but we must not forget our parents. With support and reassurance, parents can get through this time as well, hopefully as easily as the children do.”

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