Furious homeowners near the beach say they are sick of their roads being turned into a car park.

The hot weather over the last two days has seen thousands of visitors come to Southport to make the most of the sunny resort.

However the hot weather also comes as a massive headache for those who live close to the beach as their roads transform into a makeshift car park for the day.

Parking around Albany Road, Saunders Street and Leyland Road is completely free and without restriction, meaning they quickly become filled with day trippers looking to avoid paying for parking in the town centre.

One furious resident on Saunders Street sent this photo into OTS news adding “I’m sick of seeing our roads full of cars as soon as it gets a little bit hot.

“This only ever happens in warm weather and we struggle to get our people carrier into and out of our driveway because the road is completely full.”