Furious tourists say they won’t be back to Southport after being conned out of cash when trying to spend a penny.

Air show visitors say they are infuriated when they visited the new children’s park next to Southport Pier.

One man said: “I went with my wife and our two grandchildren, during the air show
“Firstly, the toilets next to it cost a whopping 40p per visit and when we had tried two doors (80p!) neither worked and we had then run out of money to boot.

We waited to see which doors worked and it was only the disabled loo that was in operation, so we asked the person leaving to keep the door open for us.
So far, so annoying.

We went to Southport Town Hall next, where I told them that the toilets were all out of order but one and the man on the desk said, ah yes, that was the case yesterday. Yesterday!

“So, they could have fixed it – or put up warning signs, but didn’t bother!

Even worse than spending 80p on actually nothing was knowing that poor children might wet themselves while the loos – the only ones nearby – are left for days, unfixed!
No wonder visitors don’t return!”