Tory Sinclair sets sights on hole raft of issues if he is elected

24th February 2020

A local council hopeful has hit out at Sefton’s Labour bosses after seeing an OTS article on Knob Hall Lane.

Cambridge ward Tory candidate Sinclair D’alburquerque says he has a hole raft of issues to bring up if he is elected come May.

This week Sinclair has been canvassing for votes in the crater ridden Knob Hall Lane just weeks after OTS published a campaign raising issue by the Lib Dems on the same matter.

Sinclair says the council age completely ignoring the issue leaving over 150 homes without access to their properties.

However the Tory hopeful faces stiff competition from Cllr Pat Keith who represents the Lib Dem group and has been fighting for residents of the street for years longer than d’Albuquerque.

Despite Sinclair’s best intentions, early polls forecast the seat is expected to safely remain in the hands of Cllr Keith, one of the town’s more popular campaigners.

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