Top Casual Clothing For Men

While you could certainly ignore everything in this article and wear whatever you want, there are some tips you can follow to simplify things. However, you should be willing to experiment as much as you would like. Here are some of the staples you should have in your closet for your casual wardrobe.


One of the pieces of clothing that is an absolute must-have in your wardrobe would be denim. This has been a staple of casual wardrobes since as early as the 1950s. Many men have worn denim for years and years as one of the primary staples of their casual attire.

The popularity of denim has never faltered. However, there has been an increase in interest among higher-quality denim as of late. For many years, brands and manufacturers streamlined the manufacturing process to create better economies of scale. This lowered the quality of the jeans available in the marketplace. For nearly a decade, there has been a rise in brands using higher quality and raw denim fabrics. These jeans are being made how they would have been made nearly 50 years ago. By opting for higher quality raw denim, you will be able to get a pair of jeans that you can count on lasting for years. Best of all, raw denim will continue to look better and better as it ages much-like leather. If denim isn’t your thing then check out this selection of the best cargo pants as an alternative.


A T-shirt is another staple that you should have in your closet. A T-shirt is something versatile enough to be worn in a variety of situations. You can even get away with wearing a T-shirt with a suit or other formal attire. There is nothing that you won’t be able to accomplish with a T-shirt.

There are numerous things that you want to consider when buying one. You will find both low quality and high-quality T-shirts in the marketplace. Typically, you want to find one that is made up of high-quality cotton or even linen. A lot depends on how you plan on wearing it. Uniqlo makes a great T-shirt made up of Supima cotton. This comes with a tailored cut. Mango produces their linen T-shirt which is great for summer casual attire.


One of the biggest growing segments of the marketplace has been the luxury sneaker market. This is a market that has grown exponentially and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. A lot of different brands and manufacturers have started to shift towards creating understated sneakers that can be worn with many different types of clothing.

You will find a lot of people wearing sneakers and trainers differently. More and more people are wearing trainers with what would be considered traditionally formal attire. The versatility that trainers offer makes it a compelling shoe that can fit nearly anything in your closet. Because of this, they are a must-have in your closet because they fit so well with a lot of your casual wardrobe.

Typically, white trainers are the most popular and considered the most classic styles. They happen to be the most versatile option that you could consider. If you want something that is going to be versatile enough to go with more formal attire, you might want to opt for white leather. Whereas, if you are looking for something that has a little bit of a worn look to it, you might want off-white or fabric with a gum sole. That way, you don’t necessarily have your trainers stand out as a mainstay in your outfit.

Lightweight Jacket

There are plenty of lightweight jackets that you can consider for your wardrobe. A couple of standouts are the varsity jacket and the denim jacket. Both of these lightweight jackets can come with their unique looks and they can add a lot of flair to your outfit.

The varsity jacket is one that is a versatile staple that could be worn with numerous different styles. It is one of those that you can count on to last as it has withstood the test of time. Getting one that features a classic cut with an understated colorway ensures you are getting a piece that can remain in your wardrobe for years and years without worry.

No matter what style you ultimately go with, you want to find a piece that is going to be durable enough to last for many years. With outerwear, you are typically going to end up getting what you are willing to pay for.


There are numerous knit pieces that you could get that could be versatile enough to be worn with many of your casual pieces. A loopback sweatshirt or even a thin Merino knit are both two options you could consider. With these pieces, you will want to opt for something that is a more neutral color to ensure you can get versatile usage out of it.

Much like the T-shirt, you can use a Breton stripe to get things spicy. By opting for a knit that has a good amount of navy colorway with a white trip will help you achieve a classic look. You could even get a knitted polo which could give you a much more sharp look when paired with your favorite raw denim and understated trainers.

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