Threadbare & Shambles OUT, Say angry Southport FC fans

Threadbare & Shambles OUT, Say angry Southport FC fans

Campaigning has stepped up to oust the new owners of Southport FC just months after they took over.

Angry fans, who have branded owners James Treadwell and Adrian Shandley as ‘Threadbare and shambles’ are currently putting up posters on disused toilets around the town – a symbol of what they think of the current situation.

They have also launched a vocal campaign against the volunteers who worked within the club – they have since had to step down from their unpaid role due to the amount of abuse they’ve been receiving.

A campaign called ‘Back The Bid’ has been launched because fans want multi-millionaire Phil Hodgkinson to take over the club.

However he would have to quit his job as a certified football agent before he’d be allowed to take control of Southport, pending FA rules.


Lulworth Road public toilets