Letter to the editor

Having lived in Southport all my life I am saddened to see its decline in recent years. There has been no forward planning by the council.

Lord Street has many charity shops many of which also sell new goods. They benefit from reduced rent and rates and volunteer free staff. The other independent retailers are being out competed and have very high rents and rates so we are loosing the retailers one by one.

The planning department needs a definite plan to prevent the demise of town centre accommodation. As some small bed and breakfast hotels find they are out competed by larger hotels and travel lodges. Only the well run ones are left as they have up graded their accommodation in line with modern expectations. The council are putting at risk the former bed and breakfast hotel areas for example Bath Street by not enforcing regulations for change of use from Hotel to HMO to ensure accommodation is a high standard.

The Botanic Gardens appear to be in danger of closing. What has happened to the assets of the Botanic Gardens Museum.

What is the legal ownership of the Botanic Gardens can this save it from Sefton Council at Bootle.

Can Southport be split from Sefton may be staying in Merseyside

Southport should have more control over the spending of its two million pounds of car parking fees it should not be hiked off to the rest of Sefton. Can Southport have its autonomy back as it appears that the further away from Bootle you are the worse you are treated by Sefton Council.

Yours faithfully

Keith Redmond.

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