Sports car seized after donut video emerges online

A BMW was seized in Southport after footage emerged online of the driver doing donuts under the Marine Way Bridge.

Video shows a driver recklessly spinning his black BMW 1 Series under the Marine Way Bridge.

The vehicle was later seized by Police. OTS News has contacted Merseyside Police for comment and a statement is expected shortly.

A copy of the video was posted to the UK Hotcars Facebook group, where the behaviour of the driver was widely condemned.

One group member said: “Literally no skill whatsoever. Pointless. Just going to end up getting meets banned.”

UK Hotcars, a Southport group who arrange static car meets, stressed to OTS that the incident did not take place at one of their events.

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A spokesperson for UK Hotcars said: “We would like to make it clear that this footage or type of activity is strictly not condoned by ourselves. It was most definitely not at one of our events, as we haven’t hosted an event since before the Covid-19 lockdown to meet government guidelines and for public safety reasons.

“We can not take responsibility for any other car gatherings conducted within Southport that is not organised by ourselves

“We’ve worked hard over last 15 years promoting safety in the car community, we work with the Council and local businesses and when something like this happens it deeply saddens us, as we don’t want people to think it’s any of our doing.

At each of our popular events we control a strict static meet with full focus on maintaining high safety measures and with the aim to promote and educate in the importance of safe road use. We do not condone or stand for any form of antisocial reckless driving like the footage filmed above.

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